Originating from the Iberian Peninsula, the Lusitano is among the oldest of the pure breeds in existence today. This solid, brave horse carries the bloodline of a noble breed; over the centuries it has served royalty and cavalry, and has been the subject of countless works of art. Beyond its stunning beauty and imposing presence, the Lusitano has a remarkable aptitude for flexibility and rounding of the body to execute controlled movement. This can clearly be seen in the powerful suspension of the levade, the rythmic action of the piaffe and the dynamic arc of the pirouette.

Its stable, kind, and focused temperament, high-stepping action, and incredible comfort to ride make the Lusitano horse a desirable choice for riders of various disciplines. Its presence in theatrical shows worldwide and the rise in popularity of Working Equitation have helped demonstrate the breed's multitude of abilities. Visit Grelo Farms to meet the foals, yearlings, and seasoned masters trained up to the Haute École.